The cost of a divorce in Houston depends on the whether or not the parties are able to reach an agreement. Divorce Lawyers, Attorneys and staff members bill for the time they spend on your case. Most divorce lawyers and attorneys bill by the hour. The best way to minimize the cost of your divorce is to reach an agreement with your spouse before meeting with an attorney. We offer hourly and flat rate fees.

An Agreed Divorce without children and property

The cost is typically $1,000.00 in attorney fees. The filing fee is included. The filing fee is a fee charged by the court to ALL divorces whether you have an attorney or not. That fee is in the $300 - $320 dollar range.

An Agreed Divorce with children and property

The cost is typically $1,250.00-2,000.00 in attorney fees. The filing fee is included. The filing fee is a fee charged by the court to ALL divorces whether you have an attorney or not. That fee is in the $300-$320 dollar range.

Pro Se Divorce

Pro Se means you represent yourself in court without an attorney and I will prepare all the required paperwork you will need as well as give you instructions as to what to do with each documemt and how to obtain a final hearing date. $600.00

A Contested Divorce with our without children and other family law issues will be quoted at the consultation as each one is unique

We have affordable payment plans for all fees that will cater to your schedule.

Simple Will Preparation

It is important to have a will so that your final wishes can be taken care of in the way you wish upon your death.  The problem with online legal form websites is that those are generic forms which do not cater to individual states laws.  It is best to have your will prepared by a licensed state attorney.  Our office provides will preparation services beginning at $250.00.

Directive to Physician or the "Living Will"

Our country is currently tied up in the legal and ethical arguments surrounding life and death and when and who should be allowed to decide when to end it. Many people have decided to make an estate plan in order to detail out end-of-life issues. If you are competent you have almost completely freedom to make health care decisions for yourself; however, an unexpected illness or accident could leave you in a situation were you cannot make those decisions yourself.

If you have not executed any documents giving directions to carry out your wishes regarding medical treatment or appointing an individual to make those decisions on your behalf, your health care provider, or a court could be charged with the important job of making those decisions. $75.00

We would typically prefer to for a family member or close friend be left in charge to carryout our wishes and instructions. This is why you need a living will, in Texas known as the “directive to physicians,” and a medical power of attorney become important and need to be included as part of your estate plan. A living will is a legal document that sets out your intentions in advance regarding what medical treatment you wish to be given or have withheld should you become incapacitated. Our office will create this form which will allow you to accurately carryout your wishes for $75.00.

Medical Power of Attorney

Medical power of attorney is a legal document that designates a health care agent with the authority to make health care decisions for someone who cannot make those decisions for themselves.  We will create this form to protect you for $75.00.

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