Daniell Davis is a Houston Family Law lawyer. Services provided include agreed and pro se divorces as well as contested family law matters. In the Family Law field, she caters to friendly divorces in which she represents one of the parties whose spouse participates without an attorney.  This helps to facilitate an amicalble divorce; however, each case does not always allow for that. Contested matters including child custody, child support enforcement and non friendly divorces are also serivces provided.

Daniell Davis is dedicated to keeping the cost of divorce low and that includes the financial cost in which divorce can incur as well as the emotional cost a divorce causes you.

Couples who can resolve issues of divorce on their own will be able to keep court time low as well as attorney fees. 

The benefit to you for hiring Daniell Davis to represent you during your divorce is that her office is unique.It is a virtual office. Since there is not a traditional brick and mortar office, fees are generally more reasonable than firms paying for high dollar offices in prime locations. Attorneys can be expensive, and this sometimes discourages people from seeking competent legal counsel. By utilizing today's technology and eliminating costs associated with operating a physical law office, Daniell Davis is able to provide clients quality legal services in the most cost-effective way possible.

Daniell Davis provides fast and free client consultations either by phone or in person. Contact her to set up your appointment today and let Daniell Davis help you amicably transition into this new chapter of your life.

The Law Office of Daniell Davis - PO Box 571611 - Houston, Texas 77257 - Tel: 713-551-3924